It is hard to believe that Brina is returning to the big stage only after ten years, twelve years after the release of the third album Slečena koža/The Skin Stripped Off.

But regardless of the long absence, it is still considered to be the only Slovenian group that received a nomination for song of the year from the BBC World Service Radio Program with the composition Poljanska balada, and reached third place on the World Music Charts Europe with the second album Pasja legenda/The Dog’s Legend.

JELENA ŽDRALE, violin, viola, kazoo, backing vocals
LUKA ROPRET, guitars, backing vocals

URBAN TURJAK, trombone, backing vocals
BLAŽ CELAREC, drums, percussion, clarinet, backing vocals
NINO DE GLERIA, electric bass, double bass

(Special Guests: Joži Šalej, accordion, backing vocals, Metod Banko, voice)

Considering the band’s inception, which dates back to 2004, the line-up has only undergone one change. Drago Ivanuša on the accordion was replaced by the young trombonist Urban Turjak, and it seems that it was with the trombone that the band got a more modern sound in the otherwise standard rich arrangements that draw from various musical genres, regardless of whether they are arrangements of folk or original compositions, which the band “borrows” from Eka Vogelnik.

Even with the new album To je to!/That’s It! (DruGod, 2022), which was premiered at Drugi Godba Festival, we got a new old Brina in all sound dimensions and with Brina Vogelnik’s voice, which with all its fragility and passion puts us in the heart of centuries of unrealized love, the fates of fallen heroes of revolutions and refugee children, and envy as an irreparable human nature.


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Photo by fotobeležNica Nika Hölcl Praper