Hi. This is me … Brina

I am a singer, songwritter, puppetier and graphic designer. I work in different projects.

The latest album is a project called Pomladne sanje (The Spring Dreams) I made with slovenian musician Janez Dovc. Than there is Brina, group of 6 musicians, where I grew for the last 10 years. We released 3 cedes and had many wonderful concerts at the World Music Festivals arround the World ..

A performe as a puppetier in a show called BibaMica na koncertu (BibaMica at the Concert). It is a story of a snail BibaMica, that loves to sing songs, play with children. But most of all, she would like to learn how to fly. She can almost feel her wings are growing … untill she meets Kurjo Mamo (Chicken Mother) that tells her all about flying and hidding in a hous like little snail do.

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