Foto by Kranzelbinder


Bouncy visions that weigh souls.

Brina Vogelnik grew up as a singer in Brina, an internationally established group that performed at many festivals and reached high places on the world music charts. Her recognizable voice is clear and pure, at times sad and gentle, at other times joyful and stormy. Brina walks on the edge and always discovers new ways of musical, narrative and sound expression. Aniada a Noir is a trio from Styria, Austria, but their lively and mischievous music goes beyond their home borders and reaches all the way to Slovenia, Friuli, Hungary, France, Ireland and Sweden. In 35 years, they have already released 18 albums with various guests.

The Brina duo, consisting of Brina Vogelnik and Luka Ropret, and Aniada a Noir present themselves on our stage together with the program Weighing Souls, folk songs, full of optimism, humor and a happy Alpine feeling, which is centuries away from folk music, a superb basket .

Brina Vogelnik – vocals,
Luka Ropret – vocals, guitar, lute, ukulele
Wolfgang Moitz – vocals, mouth and foot flutes, bagpipes, accordion piffero
Andreas Safer – vocals, violin, mandolin, jew’s harps, singing saws
Bertl Pfundner – vocals, guitar, mandolin, accordion, vocals

photo © David Kranzelbinder